Our team has spent a decade working in elite and amateur sport as athletes and leaders.  Our experience has taken us from the inner city courts of Chicago, to the dusty fields of Africa, to the lush green grass of the NFL, the crisp fall pitches of Spanish football, and beyond.

Hux spent two years exploring ecosystems in sport and technology. We visited over 100 organizations and teams across sport, culture, and technology. We found a lot of amazing people, and many wonderful technologies. Our agency now leans on this network to create new windows to view the world.

We believe that sport is the gateway to the human experience.  The games of our youth will soon pair with the emergent technologies of tomorrow to create a new immersive experience for the world to explore. 

Hux creates spaces for brands to shift from traditional engagement to immersive experience.

We work in two ways.  First, we still work on traditional branding and sponsorship activities. Second, we push the boundary on what's possible for those willing to try something different.

Our team is ready to work with you on your hard problems.